What bothers you most about going to the airport? Most people complain about long check-in lines, layovers, lost luggage, baggage fees and limited legroom on the plane itself. Even Tyler (one of our project managers within the TM Office) constantly complains about how long and thorough the security checks are at the airport. These are all things which cause us to stress out and become easily frustrated towards others. Unfortunately, this is the price we have to pay to fly on commercial airlines. Wealthy people don’t have to worry about these numerous frustrations, because most of those people have private jets. Too bad us regular citizens can’t afford to fly on a private jet…or can we?

A new start-up called Social Flights is helping their members to join and book flights on private jets at affordable prices!

What the members of Social Flights need to do is organize with other members—who have the same interests—in groups called Travel Tribes. Then members can use the service to coordinate around destinations and also request and book private charter flights together.

These flights can be designed for a long trip, but they are even better for quick flights. According to the Social Flights website, short flights can run as low as $150 for a fully-booked jet (depending on the location).

This is a great opportunity to save a little bit of money, but still treat yourself like a celebrity. According to Social Flights website “you park in front of the private facility, walk onto your aircraft, fly directly to your destination with people you know, sign for your rental car and get on your way. No stress. No hassle.”

This is a pretty new company, which just launched this past February. So far, Social Flights has helped their members’ charter 15 flights. The organization currently has roughly about 4,000 members, with 1,000 of those members being a part of a Travel Tribe.

What do you think about Social Flights? Is this something you could see yourself participating in?

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