Yesterday we discussed Carrier IQ and the controversy that has surrounded the software. In the 24 hours that have followed since then, the Carrier IQ debacle has been generating national attention from news outlets across the country.

To briefly recap: Trevor Eckhart, a security researcher, discovered software on the Android smartphones that logs the activities carried out by the user. Carrier IQ logs text messages and phone numbers typed into the phone as well as Google searches. The company claims that the software was designed without malicious intent and is used to gather information to help improve the user experience at a later date.

But in the last 24 hours, the weight seems to have shifted against Carrier IQ. U.S. Senator Al Franken (D-MN) has called for an explanation from the company on what kinds of data it records. In a statement the senator said, “Consumers need to know that their safety and privacy are being protected by the companies they trust with their sensitive information. The revelation that the locations and other sensitive data of millions of Americans are being secretly recorded and possibly transmitted is deeply troubling.”.

It’s estimated that Carrier IQ software is on at least 150 million mobile phones in the U.S. and has created a list of phones it’s “pretty sure” doesn’t carry the software.

It’s unsettling to us that a third-party company is logging our activities on certain devices, but how do you feel about it?

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