March is normally the last month of winter storms, until the end of the month when weather starts to heat up. For Twitter, March marked the media storm of Charlie Sheen, and then ended with a calmer, but extremely annoying song by a 13-year-old girl. The things that happen in pop culture normally have an effect on the daily happenings of social media sites like Twitter. The people at the TM office can consult you on the proper social media strategies for big media publicity situations.

Sheen’s mental breakdown was out in the open for the whole world to see. We all learned a little bit more about the rockstar from Mars and his everyday life around the house with his goddesses. Sheen’s biggest social media accomplishment was breaking the Guinness World Record for receiving 1 million Twitter followers in the fastest time. He bragged about his Twitter success, and then started to use his Twitter page for advertising efforts. Now even though Sheen gained a huge following on Twitter, it seems as if people are getting bored with Sheen’s antics.

Then in the middle of March, the world was introduced to the YouTube phenomenon Rebecca Black. Black, the 13-year-old girl who created the song “Friday,” had more Twitter mentions than Charlie Sheen during March. The song “Friday” has been referred to as “The most annoying song in history,” according to numerous circles online. This is kind of weird when you think about it. If the song is the most annoying song ever, than how does the video have more than 70 million views on YouTube? I guess most people just need to hear the most annoying song ever before they make fun of Black. Black was one of the most popular topics during the month of March 2011, but believe it or not…something was more popular than Black and Sheen last month on Twitter.

I was absolutely relieved when I found the results of the Top 10 Twitter Mentions for March 2011.  It feels good to know that the Japan Earthquake/Tsunami tragedy was the most popular Twitter topic for March 2011. I’m not saying I’m thrilled about the tragedy; I’m thrilled so many people care about such devastation. I hate to admit it, but I was surprised the Japan situation was first. With all the media coverage of Sheen and Black, I thought for sure they would easily be the #1 and #2 Twitter topics. It’s a good-hearted feeling to know more people are concerned with helping people, rather than laughing at people’s antics. A list of the top ten Twitter topics, for the month of March 2011, are listed below:

1.    Japan Earthquake/ Tsunami
2.    Rebecca Black
3.    Charlie Sheen
4.    Soccer/Football
5.    U.K. Comic Relief
6.    Justin Bieber
7.    Harry Potter Movie Series
8.    Carnival
9.    NCAA March Madness
10.    Lady GaGa

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