I have a tendency to enjoy getting somewhat long-winded in these blogs from time to time because I’m used to writing social blogs for my own site. However, sometimes it’s better just to stick to some basics. For instance, we blogged this week about SEO problems that can crop up during rebuilds (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) and I’ve found myself looking up a few things that crossed my mind while doing the research. We have a tendency when we write online to bold or italicize certain words to emphasize them. So, if we do that on something that’s posted on a website, surely it must follow that search engines see those words as more important, too.

True or False?

True. Okay, even I was surprised by this one. That being said, using bold or italics do indeed suggest to the search engines to “hey, pay attention here!” It’s important to you, therefore it should be important to the search engines. Who knew they’d actually take that into consideration, though? The catch, however, is not to overdo it. There are folks who will think that bolding a huge number of words will give them an edge over other sites. Not so. Not only is it annoying to read, but it’ll weaken the overall results. As with many things, for best results, use sparingly.

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