It’s a new day and age when organizations start to set-up proper marketing strategies for their business’s future.  Social Media is the sexy new trend being used to solve marketing problems.  Facebook and Twitter are becoming household marketing tools and most organizations believe within months, or even weeks, that they will have thousands of “Likes” and “Followers.”  Their thoughts are that this will solve everything, it’s quick, it’s easy and it’s fun to boot.  A lot of organizations believe their social media campaigns will take the world by storm, and leave their competitors in the dust.  Social media campaigns are a quick and easy way to engage your customers and see positive results.

True or False?

False: The belief that social media campaigns just jump-off and start making businesses money, is a little ridiculous.  Now that may not be the case for a big conglomerate, such as Pepsi, which already has a devoted loyal customer base. But for most companies, this is not an easily achievable task.  You need to start slow; you should consider yourself the tortoise vs. the hare in the social media race.  Companies that expect huge results right away have the potential to be unsuccessful and be referred to as spam by social media subscribers.  While social media campaigns seem like a lot of fun, it’s truly hard-work.  It’s not easy for a company to get people to “Like” their products and/or services right out of the gate, but with patience, most organizations will see a steady amount of progress.  If organizations do not practice the proper procedures with their social media campaigns, they risk the wrath of being “Unliked” by everyone in the social media audience.

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