I first heard about Skype when I was overseas for the military in 2008. Many of my friends were Skyping back home to their family and friends and it became a great tool to stay in contact with my loved ones. To be honest, many of the people working within the TM Office are avid Skype users because of the various things Skype offers. For the people out there who are unaware of what Skype actually is, here’s a little rundown. According to wikpedia.com Skype is “a software application that allows users to make voice calls and chats over the Internet. Calls to other users within the Skype service are free, while calls to both traditional landline telephones and mobile phones can be made for a fee using a debit-based user account system. Skype has also become popular for its additional features which include instant messaging, file transfer, and video conferencing.”

Skype has become extremely popular, especially for people who work in a profession which requires a lot of travel. Skype gives these people an opportunity to still see their family and speak with them when they are far away. Sounds like a pretty interesting site right? Well, despite the fact that Skype’s revenues were more than $862 million last year, the organization still lost $6.9 million overall! That’s why I found it funny that Facebook and Microsoft were fighting over who was going to buy out the company. Obviously, both these prestigious organizations came to their senses and ended the idea of purchasing a money loser.


FALSE: After a long battle against Facebook, Microsoft came out on top and purchased Skype for $8.5 billion. Microsoft is very excited about this purchase and will be adding Skype to their services very soon. You’ll be able to access Skype through Microsoft Outlook, Xbox 360 and Kinect and the Windows Phone.

This is obviously a very expensive purchase for Microsoft, especially because they lost money last year. Many people who have been chatting through blog posts are split down the middle on Microsoft’s decision to buy Skype. This is understandable, because Skype did lose money last year, but there are also endless opportunities for Microsoft. Microsoft is fully aware of the potential downsides, but they are convinced they have made the right decision. Tony Bates will remain the president of Skype with the new title, Microsoft Skype Division president.

What do you think about Microsoft’s latest purchase? Leave us some comments and let us know if you think Microsoft made a good choice or not.

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