Launching a website is, to me, a bit like buying a car or computer in that they’re shortly outdated after launching, driving them away from the lot or carrying them out of the store. The latest and greatest designs and features are just that, latest and greatest at the moment. But, because your website has been around for a while, you’ve branded it, established yourself, done maintenance and kept up with it, it should therefore blow away any new site away in search engine results.

True or False?

False. Establishing yourself is definitely a plus. Having repeat customers and a recognizable brand also goes a long way to continuing a healthy life on the net. However, it doesn’t mean if you’re a newbie that you won’t be able to compete with an older site. Why? Say you’re reviewing Blu-Ray titles, but your local Worst Purchase store has been selling them online for a couple of years. The relevance of this comes in because someone may be looking for a review of a specific title versus buying it. Or, if you’re only selling Blu-Rays and there’s a site selling DVDs, CDs and Blu-Rays, they may not be ranking as high in keywords if they only list the titles while you’re listing details. People frequently want details, not just the basics. Finally, you may have more content on your site than a bigger, established site. Content is king. Perhaps you not only sell Blu-Rays on your site, but you also review them. Yum!

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