I pride myself on our developers at Trademark Productions all being on the same page, but also having healthy debates.  It promotes teamwork and also helps you realize who doesn’t have a clue what they’re actually talking about.  And that poor soul?  Right out the door!  Willingly, thank you, because they don’t want to mess with the no-nonsense developers we have here. It’s one of the reasons why I’ll throw a new employee at them. It’s not just for fun. Oh, no. It’s to see how well the new folks are going to mesh. One of the first questions a developer will ask a newbie is “Do you use Internet Explorer or Firefox?” Firefox. “Okay, you can stay.” But, what’s this? Internet Explorer 9 has been released and is every user’s dream browser!

True or False?

False. It’s also kind of true because IE9 has been released. It’s quite false, though, that it’s every user’s dream browser. Let’s be practical about this for a moment; support for IE9 ends with one operation system. Thanks for the thought, especially since I just bought a Mac. Second, IE9’s coding remains closed, so while the other browsers out there are open and constantly being improved, IE9’s is at the whim of its own people. Finally, Firefox (and others) are still outscoring IE9. Katherine Noya of PCWorld points folks to a page on Gigaom discussing this lovely bit of information. Ah, I pity the poor fool who walks into this office touting Internet Explorer. We might just to feed them to Matt or Seth…

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