Trademark Productions is always on the lookout for the next big story that will keep people actively engaged. Today, we believe we’ve found a topic which is sure to stir up some controversy!

Glenn Beck is most commonly known for his television program on the FOX News channel, which he vibrantly expresses his personal political opinions. Back in April, Beck announced that he would be leaving FOX. This could have been connected to the fact that Beck’s viewership fell from 3 million viewers in January 2010 to 1.6 million viewers in the beginning of 2011. Or maybe he decided to leave the network because more than 100 marketers dropped their advertisements from his show. Whatever the reason, it hasn’t stopped Beck from creating his very own online network called GBTV.


TRUE: Whether you love him, or you hate him, Glenn Beck is not going to disappear anytime soon. GBTV went live this past Tuesday, and starting on September 12, Beck plans to start airing a daily two-hour program.

“The confines of traditional media no longer apply. GBTV is getting active in the community, participating in stores, and finding new ways to deliver news, information and entertainment directly to the audience,” said Beck.

GBTV will not be a free service either. The Internet TV channel will charge customers $4.95 a month to receive access to Beck’s two-hour program. People can also upgrade to GBTV plus, which will give customers access to everything on the GBTV website.

According to Beck, there will be entertainment available for people from all walks of life, even for the people who can’t stand Beck.

So what do you think about Glenn Beck’s decision to start his own Internet TV station? Do you like Glenn Beck or are you annoyed that he won’t go away? Let us know, we’d love to hear how you feel about this particular matter.

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