I want you to try something for me; go to a website that has a WhoIs feature, such as godaddy.com.   Now I want you to search for the most popular website domain you can think of.  Once you do this, you’ll be surprised with the vast amount of knowledge available to the public about the specific website you searched.  People can freely search by domain name and find the information for the owner/owners home and business addresses, personal/business phone numbers and personal/business e-mails.  All domains are required to provide their owner/owners contact information by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).  ICANN’s reason for this is a good one; in the case of a website having legal issues down the road, ICANN has to have the information just in case something illegal is conducted on the website in question. The unfortunate situation is that this also makes all the information easily accessible for just about anyone in the public.  So the question is, true or false; are you able to privatize your website domain?

TRUE: Privacy protection is a service provided by numerous registar organizations, and this will ensure that your personal information is not available to the public.  This is definitely something websites should invest in, as the advantages truly outweigh the disadvantages.  Many privacy protection organizations provide this feature for free, or a nominal yearly fee.  With privacy protection helping to protect your register domain address, you will also severely decrease your spam e-mail’s because your personal information will no longer be available to spammers.  The main disadvantage of this service is the ability for scamming registar companies to trick you into giving them your personal information, so it’s always important to research the registar organization that will be providing privacy protection for you.  This is a no brainer! If your Web site is not protected, get it protected now!

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