When you think of the words “social media,” what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? More than likely, you would think of Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. But what about social media sites like StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, flickr, digg or reddit? If you’re not familiar with these websites, then I’m sure you’re familiar with a few of their “follow” icons which appear on numerous websites. You’ll normally notice them near the same “follow” buttons as the big boys like Facebook and Twitter. Usually, when you click one of these icons, you’re redirected to a specific social media page and asked to “Follow,” “Like,” “connect” etc. But Twitter changed everything earlier this week when they launched their new Follow button, which gives companies and individuals the opportunity to be followed by people directly from their websites with one click.


TRUE: Earlier this week, Twitter launched its brand new Follow button. This button gives Internet users the ability to subscribe to organizations and people’s Twitter feed by just a single click of the mouse.

Originally, when you would click the “follow” button for Twitter, the webmaster would have you redirected to the appropriate account on Twitter itself. This new Follow feature is sure to spark the word “incentive” within the minds of website publishers. This is primarily because the new button won’t redirect a user away from their website. Great move by Twitter to get the webmasters of the world on their side if I do say so myself!

If any of our friends out there wish to add the new button to their website, just click this link.

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