Trademark Productions is here today to speak a little bit about the evolution of apps. Remember that old game Hangman? You know, you come up with a word and have a friend try to guess what the word is letter-by-letter? Then every time someone gets a letter wrong, part of the man is drawn until he is hung by too many incorrect guesses. This was all done with a pencil and a piece of paper. Now, in this day-and-age, we can download a fun app that will do all types of interactive things for something as simple as a game of Hangman. Can you believe how far technology has evolved since you were a young child? Twenty years ago, no one would know what you were talking about if you mentioned a mobile app or just an app in general. But in the present day, people are using apps for their mobile phones, on their Internet browser and even for work software. These apps will eventually be in our vehicles, our TVs, and—who knows—maybe even in our home appliances. But sometimes finding the right app can be tough. There is an app out there for just about everything, but finding the high quality and personal specifications you desire may be difficult. The biggest problem is that there is not a browser out there to help you find exactly what you want.


FALSE: There is a fairly new Internet browser coming out on Tuesday called Quixey, which already has a lot of people chattering. According to their website, this is how Quixey describes their services: “Quixey is a new type of search engine, a functional search engine, designed specifically for apps. It helps you find apps to do what you want on an ever-growing number of platforms. All you need is to answer the simple question: What do you want to do?” Quixey plans to release their services to the public on Tuesday and it promises to have some very interesting features. With Quixey, all you’ll have to do is answer the question “What do I want to do?” There are numerous advanced search capabilities that you can review from Mashable’s article titled “One Search Engine for a Million Apps [INVITES].” Quixey promises to be a very interesting and useful tool, so check it out next week on Tuesday. Comment below and let us how you feel about Quixey after you use it. We would love to learn how well the new browser is working for you.

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