The weather is FINALLY starting to warm up and that means a lot of yard work and other odd jobs. For myself personally, this is the time of the year I go to my parents house to help them pull the cover off the pool and get it ready for the summer. Many people are getting sick and tired of mowing the lawn or even opening the pool for the year. So instead of doing the work themselves, they hire an outside organization to do the work for them. Unfortunately, many times people pay way too much to have something simple done when, more often than not, there’s someone unemployed within your neighborhood who would probably do any of your odd jobs for half the price. Unfortunately for everyone, there is no way to find these people without breaking certain privacy laws.


FALSE: Launched on May 17, 2011 Zaarly is a brand new app that gives people an innovative platform to find and post odd jobs. The request could be something as simple as “bring me a bag of chips” or something more detailed like “I need someone to install my hardwood flooring.” People who download the free app can post the jobs they need done and also how much they are willing to pay to have the job done.

“We have a shot to foster a behavior people have always wanted to do,” said Zaarly co-founder Bo Fishback. Fishback raised more than $1 million to launch the Zaarly service.

There is some criticism to the app, which Fishback admits may scare people a little bit. Basically this service arranges for people to meet in-person, ironically without revealing their identities. This service has no usernames or profile photos, but the two parties can call, text and even pay each other through the Zaarly platform. Zaarly does take certain precautions to make sure they filter and block unreasonable requests and they track all users’ task completion history.

So what do you think about the new Zaarly app? Is this an app you think you’ll end up downloading, or do you think you’ll stick to the traditional ways of getting odd jobs done?

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