Trademark code animals hard at workWork hard, play hard. Well, we mostly just work hard here at Trademark, doing top-notch web application development, SEO and Social Media strategy for our Detroit area clients, as well as creating rich and compelling web sites. But one thing we will not ever do—we will never hire a code monkey. No, sir.

Code hippopotami, code chickens, code deer, code horses, yes… Code monkeys? Never. Won’t do it.

Writing good code is not a job for monkeys. Hippopotami are fierce, hard-working animals who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Horses are highly intelligent and loyal. Deer are agile, move quickly, and are amazingly perceptive. Chickens? Well… You can’t win them all.

When we’re not creating amazing websites or helping increase our clients’ traffic, revenue, and search engine rankings, we engage in the gentlemanly sport of “paw wrestling”, also known as arm wrestling in seedier parts of town. Here we have Code Hippo versus Code Horse while the menagerie cheers them on:

Code Hippo arm wrestles Code Horse

We’re here every day in beautiful downtown Royal Oak, Michigan. Stop by and say hi, we’ll give you an ice-cold Vitaminwater or Smartwater, and perhaps you can challenge Code Hippo to a paw wrestling match.

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  1. Do hippos have paws? I don’t even

    primesuspect | August 4, 2011at 11:30 am

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