In today’s modern technological age, many organizations are working to get consumers to follow their brand pages through Twitter. Even here at the TM Office, we are constantly testing new Twitter tactics to gain more followers. Today, I’m going to discuss three great tips to give your followers a reason to stay informed and up-to-date with your Twitter page.

Give Away a Gift

Everyone loves to receive free stuff; I mean who complains about receiving free gifts? Many organizations will give away something small like a cupcake, a gift card for 10% off a product, gas cards, etc. Other organizations try very creative tactics by assembling scavenger hunts, trivia questions and various other means. Basically, give your followers an incentive to become one of your followers. Just like the old clichè goes, you need to spend money to make money.

Feed Them Knowledge

Now, I will personally admit I am a trivia junkie. Yes…I have a problem. I DVR Jeopardy and I usually go out for trivia night once a week at a local watering hole. When it comes to Twitter, trivia and product knowledge can be a great way to generate positive engagement amongst your audience.

Trivia is fun, but it can’t become receptive or some people may start to find it somewhat annoying. Instead, mix it up a little bit. Every once in a while throw a trivia question out there about your products/brand. Also, offer product knowledge and information pertaining to your organization and the industry which you work in. We do this very often here at the TM Office, with our Twitter and Facebook pages, and they have been proven to spark conversations with our audience.

Put a Smile on Their Face

We can’t be all serious every waking minute of the day; we need to laugh every now and again. Some organizations steer away from this tactic because of the professional nature of their business. This is completely understandable, but you don’t won’t to come off as an uptight and unapproachable individual. For example, let’s say you are a lawyer who uses a Twitter page to find prospective clients and inform the world about your practice. Now think about a major news story that is currently flooding the papers. How about Rep Anthony Weiner, you could say something along the lines of “I’m not going to lie, but I couldn’t even help Weiner get out of the hole he’s in.” I understand that post is a little bit racy, but people will find it funny and that could just spark people spreading word about your practice through word of mouth.

In the end, use your Twitter pages to actively engage in conversations with your audience. The more you keep them involved in the Twitter world, the more likely they’ll purchase your products as a loyal customer. They are your followers, but they want to be known as your friends. If you treat them as you treat your friends, only good things will come.

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