It’s really more like the social media side of TM, which represents our social side. We have a colorful mix of personalities working in the Trademark Productions office, so much so that it even boggles us sometimes. Dwight embraces creativity and Dean embraces you listening to him because Resistance Is Futile. It naturally forces us to bring our “A” game to the job in order to contribute. Coming in, I knew Facebook, but hated and couldn’t see a reason for Twitter. I’m still good at Facebook and I still hate Twitter, but I do have a much better understanding of Twitter. Why bring this up? Because in talking to many of our clients, they started off even more overwhelmed with Social Media than I was.

Some business owners are still reluctant to put much effort into making their presence known on the internet. And when they do take that first timid step, it’s often trial and error with more error than anything else. Many don’t even know to establish a basic social media policy, which we’ve offered for free on our site since the beginning of January.

All of us at TM have also been engaging our customers in conversation about social media and asking what they’re confused about as well as what they feel would be helpful to them if they were to looking into hiring someone to take over some of those services. Their feedback is what helped shape a group of we’ve rolled out this month. It’s our first step forward in offering what folks want without all the fluff. You get the results and we deal with the headaches.

What headaches? Not a fan of Mark Zuckerberg and all the privacy issues Facebook has despite his being named Time Magazine’s Man of the Year? Neither are we, but we keep up on all the latest updates and news about the service. Don’t know what a hash tag is on Twitter? We do. I’ve even learned how to “converse” with somebody through a series of tweets. Yes, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds, but it can be done. I’ve learned it, so it’s not entirely impossible to figure out.

Finally, if you’re looking to see what kinds of things get posted on Facebook or tweeted out, we’re extending the invitation to you to become a friend on our Facebook TM page as well as our Twitter page. Remember, if it weren’t for social media, there wouldn’t be any confusion. And without confusion, you wouldn’t need us!

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