One thing folks in the Trademark Productions Office aren’t afraid to have is an opinion. What operating system is the best? What coding is the most troublesome? Why doesn’t anybody ever send us flowers? That sort of thing. For me, my opinions tend to steer towards the social media services we participate in. Not only does TM embrace this advancement, but we also report out on it and how your website has benefited from it. Don’t get me started on Twitter since I’m still struggling with that one, but the other main social media outlet is Facebook and I do have some opinions on that one.

First, yes, I admit that I’ve taken a couple of shots at founder Mark Zuckerberg over the past couple of months. Anybody who’s made TIME Magazine’s Man of the Year for leading a company with more privacy issues than Lindsay Lohan has legal issues is bound to catch some flack. It might have been nice if he’d had the company fix the issues and then let that clear the way for TIME Magazine’s honor. Still, when you’re in Zuckerberg’s position, he really doesn’t have to give a rip.

Second, the one main strength of MySpace, which was their blogging feature that search engines loved and ranked, is the one feature I haven’t seen emerge on Facebook. They have a “Notes” application that I’ve used and never been able to get my content to show up on Google. Not helpful. And if it goes back to those privacy settings again, really? It might be nice to know or at least have something that says “Click this box if you’d like your Notes to show up in search engines.” Just my opinion.

But I’m also going to point out a few things I really do like about this social media outlet. Aside from the instant updates and ability to chat with people—when the system doesn’t lag or glitch—it allows users to hide or block third party updates coming from applications our friends use. This is one of the most annoying things to constantly see popping up. I don’t care that you reached level 112 on something I’m not interested in and am never going to play. By blocking those updates, one can streamline their news feed…at least until some other hapless victim indulges in another third party application.

I also don’t receive many spammy e-mails. Someone’s account gets hijacked once in a while, but my inbox is really rarely used unless someone is legitimately trying to contact me. That’s a huge plus in my book, especially considering how many domains and specific e-mail addresses I have blocked on my regular e-mail service account.

So there, I’ve come clean about liking some of what Facebook has to offer. The irony is that while we’ve been able to get our clients to delve into social media, especially Facebook, I still can’t get my mother to take the plunge. I guess it’s a good thing she doesn’t have a website. Well, not yet.

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