Running a business takes time and effort. We definitely know that here at Trademark Productions and we understand that sometimes things don’t always get the attention they should be getting, which is why folks often turn to us. One of the things that owners tend to push to the background is the use of social media.

Social media is all around us. Everywhere you go (in person and online) there are Facebook or Twitter icons showing you that a company is online and social. The primary reason social media can get pushed aside and sometimes forgotten is simple: it’s time consuming. Cultivating an online presence is challenging and isn’t as simple as creating a profile and posting into the void. You have to be interactive and constantly evaluate what’s getting the best results.

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks used by companies to interact with their customers. But, like anything else, there are good and bad ways to use Twitter.

One of the worst ways to use Twitter is to send generic tweets that don’t have any substance. Case and point: the “Good Morning, Twitter” tweet. First, sending a good morning message across Twitter is the same as if one of us stood in the middle of Royal Oak and yelled, “Good Morning, Royal Oak!” at the top of our lungs. Sure, a few people may look, and a few people may even reciprocate our morning greeting, but most people will either a) not notice or b) look at us and go on with their morning. See what we mean? It doesn’t do anything for your company. Why waste the time and energy on something that has zero benefit to your business?

Another example of how not to use Twitter is to copy people’s or users’ tweets. One of the most commonly seen social media posts is the “Inspirational Quote” post, which are similar to the mundane “Good Morning” tweets. The reason being is that when you’re tweeting for your company, you want the content to be a) engaging and b) original. Copied content tends to be neither. Sharing others’ content is acceptable when it is relevant to your industry, but not when it’s a JFK or Shakespeare quote.

Re-tweeting content that has already (literally) been seen by thousands of people is another example of this; try to find content that is unique and under-shared. Helping out those who are lesser-known is good online karma, and usually comes back around. Part of the reason companies should use social media is to help build an online brand and community of followers. This community of followers will do wonders for your company once they are engaged. They will share your content and share content with you that they find relevant. That is one of the most important aspects of social media.

And finally, one of the most important tips for using Twitter is not to flood it with your blog posts. If your company has a new blog, you should definitely promote it, but no more than once or twice a day. There is no need to send countless tweets about it. Simply let people know it’s there and interact with them, the rest will take care of itself.

Over the last several years, we’ve seen social media’s importance rise exponentially, but many of us are still learning the ins and outs. That’s why the TM Team is here. Contact us with your questions regarding the best social media practices. We’d love to hear from you!

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