At Trademark Productions, we know how challenging it can be to navigate the deep and uncharted waters of the social Web, which is why we’re here to help you with your Social Media Management. Planning your brand’s social media strategy is much like a nation planning its military strategy. Two things are essential: not to spread yourself too thin and not to put all your resources in one social network.

Social Media Marketing and Management are both still relatively new, which makes creating a social media strategy all the more difficult. But, as previously stated, it’s important not to load all your resources into one network and neglect the others, or vice versa. The first thing you must decide is what your company’s purpose is going to be on social networks. Is it just promotion, or do you want to engage with followers to facilitate a large group of supporters? Or both? Once you have decided on your company’s purpose, you must then decide what social networks you’re going to be dedicating your company’s efforts too. Facebook and Twitter are the biggest, but you can’t discount Google+ either.

One of the best ways to not only build followers, but to also get your audience to engage with your company is to hold a social media-only promotion. Offer a coupon that can only be obtained via Facebook or Twitter. Or have a contest. This can not only attract new followers, but also keep your current followers interested in your brand. Simply put, both adding new followers while keeping the current ones invested in your company’s social media are crucial to a successful social media strategy.

Each social network functions differently than the other. For instance, Twitter is only comprised of posts that are less than 140 characters. Every Tweet has a set character limit, meaning that your company must choose its words wisely. You can’t be too wordy or too brief; you must find that 140-character sweet spot. Facebook and Google+, however, have similar functions. Each network allows users to comment under/share each post. Commenting on posts is where most of the interaction between brands and followers occur, unlike Twitter where most replies are sent to one or two people individually. Knowing how to use these different social networks can make or break your company’s social Web presence.

Social media etiquette is also crucial. There are no set rules on how much is too much or how little is too little on the social Web, but there are guidelines. First, you don’t want to flood your followers’ streams with constant updates. Unless you are directly interacting with followers, it’s a good idea to keep your posts spread out throughout the day. No one wants to see 10 to 15 posts per hour from a company; it can get noisy and you will lose followers. Finding that aforementioned sweet spot is imperative. Every audience wants to see different things, and catering to your audience is also crucial. Also, it’s very important to respond to your followers as much as possible, even if what they are saying is negative. It’s important for your company to be able to respond to negative feedback in a constructive manner. Interaction is what makes the social Web so effective. Utilize this and you will not only gain followers, but influence on the social Web as well.

The Trademark Team would love to discuss how using social media can help your company gain more exposure online, leading to more business. Contact Us to make an appointment today, the coffee’s on us!

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