The folks at TM have been known to interview folks to add to our team.  It’s something we enjoy because it gives us some insight into what new and fresh ideas are percolating out there.  Besides, a little new blood never hurts and we feel pretty good about the career opportunities we offer.  One thing that potential applicants don’t always take into consideration–and they should–is that we’re a website company that deals quite heavily in social media.  This means we have a pretty good idea of how the internet works and if you give us information about yourself and include links, we’re going to look you up.  We’re also going to see what else is out there that you might not have sent along.

Sarah Kessler on Mashable mentions a study by Microsoft in 2009 that states almost 80% of hiring managers in the United States look for mentions of candidates online and 70% of those same hiring managers rejected a client because of what they found.  The odds aren’t in your favor if there’s something damaging out there to be found.  Stay practical for a moment, though.

Let’s say you tell us you’re really immersed in social media and share links to your Facebook, Twitter or blog page.  So, one of us looks you up on Facebook only to discover a tirade of personal details between you and friends that should never be for a potential employer’s eyes.  What were you thinking?  Or perhaps we see tweets of a sexual or demeaning nature towards someone else.  Do you think we’re going to think highly of that?  And if we read through your blog posts only to find a mishmash of poor language skills, creative spelling and the same kinds of things we found in your Facebook posts and Twitter tweets?  Again, not looking so good for you.

Know what you’ve put out there and also what’s out there with your name attached to it that’s being said about you.  A little reputation management of your own can go a long way.  If you’ve burned a few bridges at previous jobs, it’s important to note that while executives at the company can’t say anything about you, other folks can, might and sometimes do.  Have you ever gone off on a rant about someone before?  Chances are they can do the same to you, too.  For everything out there that’s bad about you, it might be time to spread a little of the good, especially if you’re trying to land a higher profile job.

Here’s something else you might not know.  As often as a potential customer will look Trademark Productions up in the search engines, we look them up, too.  Why?  Maybe this customer has a history of hiring a digital boutique like ours only to stop paying them halfway through a project.  Perhaps the business isn’t presenting themselves in an entirely accurate light.  There’s a myriad of possibilities out there and the internet makes it possible for folks to proceed a bit more cautiously than before.  We’re looked up.  We look you up.

Have you Googled yourself or your business today to discover what’s being said?

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