Let’s recap the past couple of days here. You’ve decided to redesign your site, approved the design and are sufficiently concerned about making sure previous traffic sources can find the new site. How? If visitors were looking up specific information and finding it before, only it’s now changed to different pages and URLs, you have 301 Redirects put in place to ensure those same people can find that information again on the new site. They’re happy, which means you’re happy.

The next thing you checked is to make sure the new navigation links the most important pages on the main page. If it doesn’t, then chances are the search engines won’t see them and they won’t rank. You can read a bit more about this here.

So now we come to the crux of what could remain your biggest problem of all (or one of them). We all know that content is king, right? And since your site has a fresh new look, it’ll need fresh new content, too. You know your industry better than anyone, but you’ll still want to do a little research or hire someone to do some research for you to find out what folks are typing into the search engines to come up with results for businesses like yours. Once you have those keywords, you’ll be able to organically add them into content rewritten to convert more visitors into buyers. At least, that’s the plan.

The problem often comes in when something old that was bringing in and converting visitors is changed to something new that isn’t and doesn’t. So, while you’re doing your research, make sure you know what was actually working on your old site and don’t change those aspects of it unless you’re absolutely certain that what’s replacing it will exceed what it was doing before. Coke changed its formula and people hated it (I was a rare exception). They brought it back, called it Coke Classic, gave it a new look and people flocked to it. Why? Because they got what they wanted, which was the original taste. They may feel the same way about your site. They want what they liked about it to stay and if you take it away, they’ll simply start buying Pepsi.

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