If you thought it was easy to stalk somebody for a couple dollars a month using Spokeo, you should get a load of Facebook’s new application, Facebook Breakup Notifier. It’s bad enough about what the social media giant doesn’t tell you about, but then one wonders about the things that are mentioned.

It seems to be all about relationships these past two weeks. Facebook added in the options last week to allow users to list that they’re “in a civil union” or “in a domestic partnership.” Are most unions actually civil these days? That question aside, the new app allows users to monitor the relationship status of people they’re friends with and even be notified by e-mail when that status changes.

Do you like somebody and want to know when they get dumped or have dumped the person you despise for being with the person you’d rather be holding or held by? Yeah, it’s like that or like watching an episode of Gossip Girl. A few people have suggested that it makes stalking a little bit easier while the rebuttal seems to focus on users needing to be all the more careful about who they allow to become their friends. Does that really work, though? The whole point of stalking is that it’s fairly anonymous and most people who have or develop that tendency don’t always tell their closest friends about it.

I suspect the answer to this app might be the Facebook Breakup Notifier Notifier that notifies you that someone is tracking your love life. That would certainly make it much easier to play with their mind and turn the tables, which might just be appropriate.

Facebook apps… What will they think of next?

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