Have you seen TM’s homepage? If our list of services should be an indication of just what we’re capable of to make your life on the web that much easier. The catch to that is we’re also always looking for ways to make our lives easier, too. Is this not the face of someone who’s just this side of sane? Anyway, the internet is a big place with a huge number of services offering their help to make your online life easier and more manageable.  One service in particular stands above the rest–ifttt. Ifttt, which stands for “If This Then That”. What is ifttt I hear you ask? It’s an online task manager that is attempting to “Put the internet to work for you.” And it does its job well. Not as good as us, but well.

The basic idea for the service is to set up a series of tasks and recipes that can carry out functions for you once there is a trigger. It wants to help users spend less time doing things themselves and let ifttt do the work for them. The combinations of tasks and recipes are nearly endless. Users can set up tasks as simple as being notified by email if they are tagged in a photo on Facebook or to alert them via text message if they get an email from a specific person. Things like this is what makes ifttt so beneficial.

I wasn’t sure what to think it when I first heard about the service. At first, I thought it was a cool idea, but it was also another site that required me to sign up, adding yet another username and login for me to remember. But after signing up and exploring the site and its features, I realized ifttt really has a lot to offer internet users.

The very first task I set up was a simple one–I set it up so that every time I take a photo on the photo-sharing application Instagram, it would then drop a copy of that photo into a folder in my Dropbox account. This creates a “physical” copy of the photo outside of Instagram itself, allowing me to share it with people who may not be using the application.

One of the most important tasks I set up is one my landlord will be thankful for. I set up a task that will send me a text message the day my rent is due, making it that much easier to remember important dates on my personal calender. The internet is complicated and often sites don’t always cooperate with one another, but ifttt is doing its best to ease the online tension  and, in my opinion, is doing an excellent job. The start-up is young and new to the Web scene, but if this is a preview of what’s to come, I am excited and you should be, too.  To check out ifttt yourself check out its website!

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