The Recap

Shall we recap? We discussed why you want to blog, why you should always edit your blogs before you post them and then why you want to establish a set schedule to consistently blog, then we topped it all off with getting you to see the creative side of exciting your readers in your blogs. Excellent. Still with me?

What could possibly be left? Plenty.

See what I just did above and at the very beginning of the blog? Those lovely little headers? If you’re blogging about something technical or a fairly complicated subject, you can break it down for your readers by adding the headers. That way, they’ll have a pretty good idea how the blog is going to proceed and what each section is going to be about. This tends to make it reader-friendly in their eyes and they will be more prone to pay attention. There’s an added bonus, too. When the search engines crawl your blog, they’ll see the headers, especially if you designate them as H1 tags or H2 tags. Now, you don’t always have to use headers, but they do come in handy if and when you need them.

Add a little something to your blog if it’s lengthy.

Didn’t realize you were feeling as talkative as you were when you sat down to write? Did you find that the more you typed, the more excited you got and the more you said about your product or service? That’s the beauty of writing and discovery. And while you may think that what you’re saying is good enough to be considered for the 11th Commandment, if you make it too long, you are going to lose the attention of your readers. How can you stop that from happening? Add a relevant picture of your product (nothing static or boring, though) or a graph that best represents a trend you’re referring to.

There. Are we done yet?

No, not so much. There are still some additional tips we can pass along to you and we will. It still remains for you to find the will to sit down and start blogging. Or, if you have ideas for blogs and still don’t feel like you can do it, Trademark Productions has folks like myself on staff who do blog for our clients. And, no, we never post something without their approval. Either way, your business stands to win through this crazy little thing called love…er…blogging.

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