This series about blogs really just started with the intention of introducing people to one of the better intentions of blogging, mainly to assist your business. I then went on discuss the importance of editing a blog before posting it. Why? Because you want positive feedback, not snarky comments about your poor grammar. So, let’s hit on something else to consider when you blog.

You may have the best product in the world and you may have written one blog in the last two months, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to keep people coming back to your site or drum up any new interest. Blogging requires a certain amount of dedication on your part to maintain some consistency. For instance, I started off blogging once a week on my own personal site and the number of visitors increased, but the numbers weren’t considerable by any stretch of the imagination. Things outside of my writing got complicated and I ended up going down to blogging once every 3 or 4 weeks. The less-than-stellar audience I had dropped and barely registered when I did blog. Folks enjoyed my writing, but they strongly disliked how inconsistent I was in posting, so they went elsewhere. The same will happen in your business.

I finally decided to re-prioritize a few things in my schedule—believe me, it was NOT an easy thing to do—and forced myself to start blogging twice a week. There’s a new piece up on Monday morning at 7am and then Thursday at 7am. Once a blog has been posted, it’s announced twice a day on MySpace, Facebook, a Facebook fan page and Twitter. Anymore than twice a day is probably overkill, but I space it out to twice because I have followers on both sides of the globe, so if I miss one set in the morning, I make sure they know about it in the evening. I should point out here that I just gave you a reason to embrace social media, too.

Something else I did worth mentioning is that I had a back catalog of blogs from 2006-2010 that I’d posted on MySpace. Since nobody really knows if they’re going to be able to turn their site around or simply cease to exist, I went ahead and copied and pasted 210 pages of MySpace blog postings into word. Then, every Saturday, I run a classic blog post, which I can pick and choose from and use the best of the older material that folks may never have read. So, now I have three blogs being published each week, but only two actual new pieces. The number of readers on a Saturday is usually a bit lower, but that’s okay. The classic posts are really just there as an added bonus.

The consistency has definitely helped me over the past three weeks, the numbers of visitors are rising and people are leaving me comments. This all leads to yet another blog on blogs, which will hopefully be tomorrow. I’m on a roll!

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