Trademark Productions is always here provide you with up-to-date information regarding web design, social media updates/information, SEO marketing, online habits, etc. Today we want to tackle one of the latest issues surrounding the Internet world…Internet dating services. Internet dating is becoming more and more popular these days. But do these websites take the proper measures to enhance the ability of protection for their users? I mean, we all know that you can’t trust that image of a person you see on one of these sites, but I’m focusing on a much bigger issue.

Recently, a woman filed a lawsuit against, claiming that she was raped by someone she met through the Internet dating service. has decided to start making the proper adjustments to their site to enhance their abilities to avoid such sexual assaults. Their first step is to screen all their members against the national sex offender registry.

The man, who is being accused of the sexual assault, is already a registered sex offender with six convictions! The woman believes if would have initiated the screening process, then she would have never been allegedly raped. The man, on the other hand, has pleaded not guilty and claims the sexual acts were consensual.

Even though has decided to apply the screening process, their site’s officials still are not convinced that this is the best way to avoid sexual assault occurrences.

“We’ve been advised that a combination of improved technology and an improved database now enables a sufficient degree of accuracy to move forward with this initiative, despite its continued imperfection,” said’s president, Mandy Ginsberg, in a announcement to the Associated Press. plans to have this screening process go live on their site within the next two to three months. It will be interesting to see how other dating sites respond to’s new screening policy. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

What do you think? Do you believe the screening process will help to avoid future sexual assaults through Internet dating services? Give us some input on your opinion of this issue; we would love to hear your stance on the topic.

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