We here at Trademark Productions are always trying to provide you with helpful social media tips, and ways to improve your website. Today is no different. Last month Chris Brown, President of Marketing Resources & Results, Inc., held three Internet marketing workshops at the Annual Conference of the National Network of Embroidery Professionals (NNEP).

“Online videos, blogging and social media offer new effective tools that can really build awareness for a small business with very little additional cost,” said Brown. “To be most effective, business owners need to develop a strategy for their participation so that they are able to connect with prospects and realize sales growth for their company.”

Each one of his workshops lasted approximately 90 minutes. They were titled “How to Use Your Blog to Attract New Customers,” “Social Media Strategies that Market Your Business,” and “Use Video to Improve Your Marketing Results.” Each session was designed to give solid advice to everyone who attended, as well as the understanding needed to jump right in and get started.

During his blogging workshop, Brown explained to people why blogs are important marketing tools. Brown believes blogs allow business owners to connect with their readers. These blogs give businesses the chance to tell a story, incorporate photos and videos and invite readers to visit your blogs and comment.

When Brown held his workshop on videos, he gave people the opportunity to learn how to use new tactics in a hands-on atmosphere. When business professionals were given this opportunity, they were able to create videos in the workshop and post them to their websites right then and there.

These are all very useful tips to help you get you started, and they will also answer some questions you may have. Maybe you don’t think blogs really do anything to sell products. Videos may not appeal to you. We at Trademark Productions will make sure you are consulted properly on social media tactics, as well as how to make videos and blogs part of your everyday marketing plan.

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