President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared in 1942 that March would be known as “Red Cross Month.” During this time, the American Red Cross set a goal to receive a total of $125 million in annual donations for the year of 1943. By June of 1943 donations reached a total of $146 million, the highest amount of annual donations at the time.

Since President Roosevelt declared March “Red Cross Month,” each president has followed suit and declared the same recognition for March of each year. The organization is a non-profit that always needs the support, and donations of blood, monetary efforts and food for local chapters.

With the big winter storms slamming much of the United States this year, the American Red Cross has lost nearly 30,000 pints of blood and the number is still climbing. They need the help of everyone to help replace this blood, especially since they provide blood for nearly 9 million blood transfusions a year. The American Red Cross is able to do this because of people across the U.S. providing nearly 6.5 million pints of blood a year for the organization. To help in this effort, please visit the American Red Cross’s website to search for the next blood donation in your neighborhood. By donating to their organization, you will be greatly helping Trademark Productions efforts to provide support!

The American Red Cross is calling out to the general public to join them! They help nearly 200 neighborhood emergencies every day, provide communications to nearly 150,000 military families and have provided assistance to more than 3.9 million people effected by International disasters. They are able to do this because of monetary donations provided from local citizens and organizations within each chapter’s community.

This year the American Red Cross is inviting youth’s from all over the country to submit their artwork to their organization. This is a contest themed around the idea of getting people to “Join the Red Cross.” The youth with the winning artwork will have their work turned into a social media avatar for the organization’s Facebook and Twitter pages. The Red Cross will have the right to edit, reproduce and publish the artwork submitted, which will be primarily utilized for youth marketing efforts and internal communication tools. To find out more about the contest, go to the American Red Cross website for more information.

Your continued efforts and support greatly increase Trademark Productions ability to help the American Red Cross during National Red Cross month. Thank you in advance from everyone at Trademark Productions!

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