If you haven’t heard yet, ebook sales on Amazon have surpassed physical book sales. This is a new trend which seems to be increasing in popularity. The trend I’m referring to is the fact that many people are starting to make purchases that only exist online. Some experts have estimated that virtual products alone could reach an annual revenue of $318 million by 2015. Many of the people here within the TM Office use the mainstream site Groupon. But Groupon doesn’t necessarily offer products which are only available online. They give you the option to purchase coupons to use in the future. Groupon touches a vast array of industries with their daily deals. So, why shouldn’t there be a site which offers exclusive online apps, games and content?

There is no reason why a site like that shouldn’t exist and Stampede.it is the first digital-products-focused group buying website (wow, that was a mouthful). The site was launched late last week and the plan for Stampede.it is to offer one deal every two to three days in the beginning of their launch. Their first deal is a $20 credit for the game tournament website SkillAddiction.com. If 15 people purchase the deal, then the credit will cost $15. If 50-100 people purchase the deal, then the credit will cost only $10

This has promise of being successful, primarily because there is an incentive being offered to a large audience. This model has been proven to be successful in the past and present. Groupon is a great example of successful online incentive programs, because they offer a $10 credit for every user who refers a new user to Groupon. The other big thing Stampede.it has going for themselves is the fact that they are the first website launching this idea…innovation always has the possibility of changing the way people live their lives, especially pertaining to purchasing habits.

What do you think? Do you think Stampede.it will be successful or crash to bits? Do you think the idea behind the site is creative? Let us know how you feel about this site, we love everyone’s opinion!

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