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Today I fired up Klout only to see a little YouTube icon at the top. That means Klout is adding yet another service to their overall social media metric. Again, Klout’s algorithm is a secret, but it’s a good bet that a high number of YouTube page views, friends, comments, and likes are all pretty good for your Klout score.

Klout is adding new services fairly quickly. It was only three weeks ago that they added Foursquare. Of course, the big question is how long it will take them to add Google+ to their metrics (once Google releases an API for it, obviously).

It’s exciting to see Klout becoming more and more relevant. I’d love to see them add as many services as possible. Gowalla? SCVNGR? Blog metrics from Postrank? Absolutely. They all provide a big picture of how influential you are.


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Posted on August 9, 2011 at 2:16 am

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