Today upon logging into my Klout profile, I was greeted with a popup, stating that soon Klout would be adding Foursquare to their social media metrics.

This is good news for me, personally, because I’ve been called a “Foursquare whore” (and worse).

Still, it’s good to see that Klout is continually adding services to track. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn aren’t the end-all, be-all of social media engagement. Klout’s self-stated mission is to measure one’s influence. You can certainly be influential and not be active on, say, Facebook or LinkedIn. The more services get added to Klout, the more accurate the measurement will be.

There’s no information yet on how Foursquare activity will influence one’s Klout score, but it can be assumed that longevity of account, whether or not you’re a Superuser, number of check-ins, number of tips you created that other people have done, and badges may all come into play.

Foursquare is the first location-based social media metric to be introduced into Klout, which is interesting. Will we see situations in which a person will have more Klout in certain geographic regions? Foursquare certainly makes it a possibility that we may begin to be able to identify influencers by region. For example, I don’t think anybody would listen to a restaurant recommendation that I make for Los Angeles… but Detroit? Sure.

Of course, the big “buzz” in the social media world (get it? har.) is Google+. Since day one, those in the social media business were speculating about when Klout would be adding G+ metrics to their measurement. Obviously, that’s going to take time, and it may not happen while G+ is in beta, but the fact that Klout continues to add social media networks at a fairly regular pace bodes well for our hopes that it will come eventually.

If this past week has shown anything, it is that social media is an ever-shifting field. Two weeks ago, nobody would have considered Google to be a serious contender in the social space, yet today people are using it with fervor, making posts about how doomed Facebook is and how much better G+ is than anything else before it. Next year, who knows what the hot social network will be.  Whatever it is, there’s a good chance Klout will be on top of it.


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