Today the news came out that the US Justice Department has blocked the proposed acquisition of T-Mobile by AT&T, citing reasons of anti-competitiveness. AT&T will very likely fight this in court, but for now this shows that at least the Justice Department sees this for what it really is: A monopoly in the making, and bad for consumers.

Let’s lay it out in layman’s terms: If AT&T is allowed to acquire T-Mobile, all of T-Mobile’s customers will be absorbed into a company that has continually proved itself to be lowest in customer service ratings, not great on pricing, and willing to punish customers with arbitrary bandwidth caps. With a new, bigger AT&T, that leaves Verizon and Sprint as alternatives. Sprint will be the odd-man-out in this scenario, and they will very likely be absorbed (possibly by Verizon or Comcast). That will leave consumers with less competition, which is never good for us.

Let’s hope the Justice Department stands firm and fights this every step of the way; you may or may not like T-Mobile, but you should at least respect that you need the role they fill.





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