What began as a planned paintball playful employee grudge/outing eventually turned into a Thursday afternoon filled with much bigger balls. Bowling balls.

Seth getting ready to roll.

The two-team, two-game tournament left one team standing tall and the other in the gutter. TM Administrator Kris was picked last, but did not let that hinder his or his team’s performance. His team (Team One) consisted of himself (Kage) Anthony (T-Bizzle), Tyler (Tae-Bo), Seth (Sailing) Jennifer (J-Dubs) and Dean (Deano) while their competition (Team Two) was Dwight (Dizzy), Eric (Easy G), Meredith (Mere), Jeff (Rhymin J) and Ryan (Rype).

Team One left the lanes on top, beating Team Two both games regardless of a hefty handicap in both games. Dwight, or Dizzy, was left dazed after only scoring 97 and 107-point games and rolling a grand total of 14 gutter balls; something that tickled the opposing teammates to no end. The winners were promised donuts the following day, but were left hungry, instead having to forage for their own food here in downtown Royal Oak. There are rumors that bagels might appear, but who knows?

The TM team waiting to bowl!

Here is a rundown of how the games went: The night’s top performer through both games was Ryan scoring a combined total of 250 points while Jennifer nipped at his heels scoring 226 points while the bottom two players who played two games were the men in charge, Dean and Dwight with 199 and 204 points, respectively.

Click here to see Tyler roll a big strike for Team One and here to see Meredith miss two spins to botch a spare.

Here are the scores for both games:

Team One

T-Bizzle: 110 points (he did not bowl the second game).

Tae-Bo: 123 and 121, for 244 points.

Kage: 101 and 119, for 220 points.

Sailing: 132 and 83, for 215 points.

Waiting to bowl!

J-Dubs: 130 and 96 for 226 points.

Deano: 115 and 84, for 199 points.

Team Two:

Dizzy: 97 and 107, for 204 points.

Eazy G: 84 points (He only bowled one game).

Mere: 95 and 83, for 178 points.

Rhymin J: 116 and 72, for 188 points.

Rype: 92 and 98, for 190 points.


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