It’s not Mark Zuckerberg who should have been named TIME Magazine’s Man of the Year. It should be the company’s PR person. Somebody’s on their toes over there finding constant ways of keeping the site and company in the news. If they aren’t redesigning things and annoying users—heck, we redesign sites, but even we don’t annoy people when we do it—you know they’re figuring out ways to either leak your information to third party users, then leak that information to the press that they’re doing that, or they’re making changes to functionality, many of which they aren’t bothering to tell folks about.

What was the big fuss last week? Ah, yes. I found it odd that I only saw the same people’s posts on my personal page over and over again. I have almost 1300 friends because of my books, but I was only seeing a handful of updates and all from the same people. Honestly, I started to wonder if folks were leaving Facebook, just not bothering to post or if so many of the friend requests I’d received were bogus despite my looking at their profile pages. Nope. Someone tipped me off that was yet another new change made at Facebook that wasn’t conveyed to users. It’s really getting tiresome, folks.

The change? If you scroll all the way to the bottom of your Newsfeed—which is fiasco in itself since every time you get to the bottom, older posts keep appearing, thus annoying you to the point where you realize you may never get to the bottom of the screen—there is a little “Edit Options” button you can click on that will then allow you to only view posts from folks who you’ve recently interacted with (apparently the default) and then seeing everybody’s posts (which is what most of us would prefer, so, naturally, that’s not what they gave us).

The kicker about this little feature is that I’ve read postings from people who say previous postings about it were mysteriously deleted. I can’t confirm or deny that, but I can relay that it’s what people are saying.

On the other hand, there are some positive things going on with the Facebook fan pages. They’re being made to operate more like regular user profiles and that’s a plus. Fan pages—I have one—never really allowed you to do much in terms of terms of interacting with the pages of people who “liked” your fan page. That always had to be done using your own personal page. Some people weren’t comfortable with that since their private page was just that, private. The public page was for everybody else. Hey, we all enjoy some amount of privacy, right?

Truth be told, the changes to the fan pages will be extremely helpful to those of us who engage in helping clients with their social media. It’s all the other crap that goes around everything else on the site that tends to irk people. I’m patiently waiting for someone else to come forward with a similar kind of service for people minus all the privacy headaches and multiple changes rolled out without anybody’s knowledge. Who will that person be? Our hero? I’m thinking so.

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