Emery Skolfield, HSN’s director of digital content, gave some helpful insight on adding video content at the most recent Internet Retailer Web Design & Usability Conference.  Skolfield believes video content is essential to a website, especially for e-retailers.  Trademark Productions also provides consulting services for anyone looking to improve their online efforts.

Skolfield believes video content, on websites, gives a lot more to the consumers’ experience for e-retailer websites.  He backs up his theory by explaining how consumers get the most out of their experience on HSN.com.  For example, if a consumer was watching HSN, and saw a dress being modeled, they could then visit HSN.com’s Fashion Experience video area and take a look at a model showing off the dress they found interesting on TV.  This gives the consumer a mindset of how the dress will fit, detailed product information and how the dress stacks up with other modeled materials.

Skolfield also mentions how he intends to soon enable consumers the ability to click and buy directly from videos on their website.  This is a new idea that has a promising outlook of being a productive tool for e-retailers.  With many e-retailers using video on their sites, this would give the opportunity for the consumer to purchase something immediately after they see something they like.  This will also help to establish positive consumer engagement within the website.  The reason is because people will find it very convenient to click and buy something within moments of seeing something they’re interested in.

HSN.com also uses celebrities who advertise products on HSN.com to their fullest potential to help sell their products.  During television tapings of the celebrities on HSN, HSN makes sure they get a lot of extra footage which they can use on their websites, to help sell products in the future.  This helps HSN to build web pages and extra content to contribute to building branding for a product.

The extra content is essential to improving the relationship between a business and their consumers.  Consumers always want to see more information, especially when they’re researching a product, service or brand. “They can watch [a product] on TV and then jump to the dot-com and explore something new and interesting immediately,” said Skolfield.  This results in positive feedback for a business and their products, because the consumer feels they are provided with all the information the need/seek.

Skolfield is very surprised by the lack of video content being used by e-retailers.  “There’s an expectation among consumers today that e-retailers should have video. It’s remarkable how few e-retailers are working to adopt a video strategy,” said Skolfield.

Businesses not using video content on their websites might find it to be detrimental to their future.  This seems to be a growing trend that businesses should be adopting, to receive the most they can from their e-retailing marketing efforts.

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