This may be the closest I’ve ever come to a technical blog post, but don’t fret.  I won’t make a habit of it.  I just happen to be a little proud of myself at the moment for figuring something out that’s plagued us for months.  Website development and design?  No problem.  Blogs and content management?  No problem.  Internal Facebook workings?  Issue!

Here’s the delightful little conundrum we encountered; several of our team members have Facebook accounts they’ll admit to, only each time they’d enter in their employer information, they’d have one minor difference from everybody else and that went and created multiple employer pages.  We fiddled and fiddled with it, trying to get at least one person to be able to link up with the TM business page, yet Facebook just wouldn’t allow us to do it.  We ended up settling on deciding the best name for the employer, creating it in one profile and adding in everybody’s name who we worked with (who had a Facebook account this particular individual was friends with).

One of our clients approached us a couple of weeks ago because they were having the very same problem and we decided to reexamine the issue.  Lo and behold, the answer was out there.  And while it seems and probably is a bit technical, keep in mind that I’m not a technical person by nature.  Despite this, I got it to work.

Rather than steal somebody else’s thunder, I’ll simply provide you the link to Jon Ochs’s post on the subject.

Now, having gone through what he suggests, including downloading the Google toolbar add-on, there was one issue that crept up.  Each page on Facebook is supposed to have a series of numbers at the end of the web address, which is a unique identifier of that business.  Ochs will have you identify that code to be used after you download the add-on.  Unfortunately, the Trademark Productions page didn’t have this code.  What to do?  On a lark–remember, I"m not a technical person–I clicked on “Edit Page” and the code miraculously appeared at the top.  Color me happy!  And surprised.

Rather than have every employee go through identifying the code, download the toolbar and figure out what to do from there, it’s easiest if you have one person as the designated test subject.  Once he or she has the correct employer, all that has to be done is have every employee become a friend of that one person.  That one account can then edit the employer and add each and every co-worker automatically to it.  All everybody has to do then is log into their account, they’ll receive a message that they have been tagged, and approve it.  They can even go and unfriend that person if they want to since the employer information will stay the same.

Facebook is supposed to be easy and all about linking people together, but they haven’t gotten around to helping people link to their employer.  Oddity or a sadistic little game?  Please drop us a line if you’re still having issues with this.  We’ll see what we can do to help.

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