It seems more and more popular these days to see many people and organizations adopting more socially responsible habits.  Even here at the TM Office, we constantly do what we can to conserve energy and make more eco-friendly decisions at the workplace. We also spend a lot of our time promoting donations and charity events through our Facebook and Twitter pages. But many people are trying to learn a framework to help guide them to becoming more socially responsible with certain issues/causes they want to promote.  Often times these people are very sporadic and do things one-at-a-time with no planning or final goal in mind. Today we are going to discuss a process, rather than random actions, to help guide individuals to a more productive way of getting your message across to the masses.

First, you as an individual need to make an effort to get a better understanding of your daily consumption habits and how they effect the world around you. If you were supporting eco-friendly practices, this is the time when you make sure to start purchasing more eco-friendly products and become more of a socially responsible shopper. This is a good time to use tools like the Internet to research products and organizations and their tendencies as they relate to a cause you are working to support.

Next, you should start to engage in conversations with organizations/causes through their social media pages. Join causes and non-profit groups which will keep you involved with the specific cause/movement you are trying to promote. This will help you to learn about organizations that make practice actions of a cause you are working to promote.

Now, normally you’ll start to promote the positive things about the brand, cause, etc. that you are trying to become affiliated with. You will start to find yourself commenting and badmouthing organizations which don’t follow the standards of the cause you are working to support. This is also the same time you’ll normally spread positive word-of-mouth comments about the cause to your friends and through social networks.

Then, you will start to push specific brands/organizations a lot more through social media pages. You may start to film videos or write blogs about specific brands/organizations that are sympathetic to the cause you are supporting and actively try to spread the word about. You will also start to “Like” or “Recommend” certain articles, brands, products, etc., through social media pages. This is the stage when you have started to establish yourself as a loud voice for a specific cause.

Now, you’re becoming somewhat of an expert on the cause and you begin to provide people with statistics and your opinions. You may decide to share this in a variety of ways. Possibly through interviews, webinars, books, blogs and tweets.

On the next level, you are calling out to the public for supporters. This is the time when you try to organize with other people to establish a community with the same ideals working towards the same goal.

In the final stage of this process, you need to start working with other organizations and coordinate events collectively. This will help you to disseminate large amounts of information to multiple audiences with the same interests.

In the end, you are trying to establish a large community with a collective message to be used under a single plan which will have a big effect on making a change.

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