Trademark Productions started its humble beginnings building and rebuilding websites or, as they say in the biz, web development and design. It’s branched out since then into maintenance, ecommerce and, more recently, social media management and Vanilla development just to name a few. I actually don’t understand Vanilla and I’m not sure I care to. That’s what the developers get paid for. But one trend we’re starting to see are clients and potential clients coming to us about developing apps. Are apps really going to catch on THAT much? And just when I think interest will simmer down, along comes another company or two embracing the whole concept and bringing it into the spotlight.

This is a horrible thing to admit, but I prefer to order my pizza over the internet so that I don’t have to talk to someone on the phone. This way, if something gets screwed up, I have proof in my hand in the form of a printed out order that they didn’t read it correctly. See? I’m a horrible person for it. But Domino’s Pizza has gone one step further and created an app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. With it, users can access the company’s menu, find a location and track the stages of their order from the time it goes into the oven until it arrives at their doorstep. That’s a little too much information even for me, but they’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty with this app and given their competition something to think about.

On a state-wide front, a group calling themselves the Mobile Technology Association of Michigan is promoting a mobile apps section of their website focusing on Made in Michigan. It allows Michigan developers to showcase their work in an effort to gain some national attention. Many Michigan businesses, both big—like Domino’s—and small, have been making huge strides in the app area, but haven’t always been able to get much of a spotlight on them because so many of them are independent.

Personally, I like the idea that someone is promoting Michigan companies or technology advancements considering the current economic climate here. And while I’m not a huge app person myself—I believe phones should be used for making calls, not checking e-mail or looking something up on the internet—if it helps the rest of the nation see we have something to offer, fantastic! It may also be a new area of Trademark Productions we didn’t anticipate so much interest in.

Do you use apps? Any favorites? Or are you old and stodgy like myself and not bother with them?

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