Our friends at Google StreetView stopped by the Trademark office today to hang out, have some coffee, and talk shop with us.

Well, not really, but their car was parked right outside our back door today, so we went out and snapped a few pics for geek porn purposes. Obviously, Google has their work cut out for them in terms of mapping every single road, alley, street, circle, route, and frontage in the world, so there’s a good chance this is not a very rare sighting, but at least it got us excited.

Last week, The Detroit Zoo (which is just down the road from us) got the nod as the first theme park in the nation to get mapped out by the StreetView team. This makes it the first pedestrian StreetView destination in the US. They’re using the StreetView Trike to make that happen, not this car, but still—we love geek porn just as much as you do. Enjoy!


One Response to Google Street View stops by for a visit

  1. @dwightz This was a cool experience, plus to be a part of the new Detroit Zoo street / Bike walkable map.

    dwightz | July 19, 2011at 1:32 pm

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