It wasn’t long ago that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was not only the most popular internet browser but also the best. Those times have changed! Throughout the years, Mozilla Firefox (which launched in 2004) became IE’s biggest competitor and later becoming the world’s No. 2 browser. That is until Google changed the game with its own Web browser, Google Chrome.

Today, ReadWriteWeb asked a very important question, “Is Firefox Doomed?” And the answer is, probably.

In the article, RWW discusses a 2008 agreement between Firefox and Google that made Google Firefox’s default search engine. This worked out greatly for Firefox because it made a lot of money from Google’s search results as well as helping them compete against the stubborn IE.

But now, with that agreement coming to an end, the future of the partnership between these two companies is murky at best. In 2011, Chrome became the new No. 2 browser, overtaking Firefox, putting it at a disadvantage. But even more importantly, Google has captured the mobile Web much better than Firefox has. TM has discussed the importance of the mobile internet and Google has taken advantage of this while Firefox hasn’t.

Currently, Google not only has well-made apps for BlackBerry and the iPhone, but their own mobile operating system, Android. Firefox has yet to make the investments in mobile technology that Google has and is now suffering because of it.

Firefox, while still a solid browser, might in fact be “doomed” because it always seems to be one step behind Google, and that’s never a good place to be.

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