Google rolled out a tiny little feature last week; an additional layer for their Maps. No big deal, right? Except that everything that Google does is a big deal in some way.

The new layer is a weather layer; by turning it on you can see current weather conditions anywhere in the world, as well as cloud cover. Go take a look at it right now; you can see the hurricane about to hit the Florida coast.

While we can’t see live, “Storm of Doom Descending Upon Us” animations like you can on yet, it’s still another feature that brings us more into the Google ecosystem for our daily internet needs. It makes sense; Google’s mission of making the world’s information accessible marches on, and weather is definitely information.

Of course, this feature rolls out just three days after I return from a wild cross-country road trip, during which I saw a tornado forming. Thanks Google; could have avoided that one!

The weather layer is not yet available on the mobile version of Maps as of this writing, but I’m sure it will roll out soon.

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