Very soon, Google will be adding verification badges to profiles of celebrities, brand spokespeople, and other high-rollers. This will very likely be exactly like Twitter’s “verified” badge—if Ashton Kutcher or Kim Kardashian are Plussing it up, you want to make sure it’s actually them, so Google will do the hard work of verifying that for you. The celeb or bigshot gets a nice little badge next to their name that proves beyond reasonable doubt that yes, this is indeed the real Slim Shady you’re talking to.

Just a bit of news for your Monday.

One Response to Google+ adding verification badges soon

  1. It used to be that you could be verified on Google Profiles before they implemented Plus. I had one of those verified profiles, and I was really ticked when they got rid of that feature when they rolled out Plus.

    RyanMM | August 22, 2011at 1:32 pm

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