Many of the times when you are reading the Trademark Productions blog posts, we discuss new entertaining apps and startups. We have mentioned apps in the past which help you to find out what type of music your friends like and an app which will help you find people in your neighborhood to help you with small odd jobs. While these apps are fun to learn about, the effect the apps have on the well-being of an individual is almost non-existent. Fortunately, former AOL CEO Steve Case and former Time Warner CEO Jerry Levin have teamed up to encourage young people to create helpful health companies instead of quirky apps and entertaining startups.

Startup Health is an effort in which Levin will be one of the leading chairs of the organization. This movement plans to partner with another organization, which Case serves on as a chair as well, called Startup America. Startup Health has full support from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and they hosted the organizations launch announcement last Thursday.

According to a spokesperson of Startup Health, the plan is to begin by tackling their first goal of creating conversations around innovative ideas for healthcare startups. The organization plans to begin a series of brainstorming sessions with investors, entrepreneurs and related organizations on July 13.

CEO of OrganizedWisdom, Steven Krein plans to help by opening their API to health entrepreneurs internally and externally outside of the program. “It’s about getting developers and investors to start putting their talent and money into this space in ways that will help us live healthier lives,” says Krein.

What do you think about two very successful former CEO’s working together to try and improve the well-being of people’s health? Do you think this initiative will be successful or will it fall to the wayside? What type of innovative healthcare ideas would you recommend to Startup Health?

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