Traditional means of marketing have proved to be successful in the past, but with the emergence of social media practices becoming more and more valuable; many organizations are starting to put an emphasis on social media. Trademark Productions provides useful insight on how to run a successful social media campaign in order to develop and bring your business to its highest potential.

Recently, came up with a five-stage process to describe where a lot of businesses are with their social media efforts. This very interesting process helps organizations to understand where they stack up in comparison to their competition, pertaining to their social media practices. So let’s discuss briefly the five stages, and then maybe you can understand a little bit better how you stack up against your competition, and what your organization may need to do to improve for the future.

Stage one basically states that companies, within this stage, are still using the traditional means of marketing, and primarily only using one-way communication with their customers. Primarily, social media in this stage is done on an individual basis and shows little to no effect.

The second stage states, organizations within stage two usually consist of one to two teams/individuals that are messing around with social media, and start to receive a great deal of customer data, but little or no customer connection.

Stage three is when a business starts to take social media practices very serious. In this stage, many organizations start to make sure their efforts, with improving social engagement, become one of their primary marketing goals. This is when organizations start to emphasize business training, social media policies and common engagement platforms. The people at Trademark Productions provide training on numerous social media situations to help you figure out how to improve your business’s social media efforts.

The fourth stage is when organizations are seeing real results. Multiple groups/members start to engage directly with customers and their projects. Organizations within the criteria of stage four will focus annual plans by engaging social media efforts and forecasting for the future. The system and tools associated with social media sites are being utilized to their full potential, and executives are also brought in to overlook the overall plans.

Stage five is reaching the full potential of engaging people, with you business’s social media practices. Customers start to become very loyal to your brand, and more than likely will not shop with your competitors. Your primary customers start to trust your business and feel very safe dealing with your business and it’s products. You will also see senior executives starting to play a leading role with engaging their customers. This stage is pretty rare for an organization, primarily because the tools to reach this stage are not readily available for most businesses.

After reviewing this social media platform, what stage do you believe your organization/business falls within? Do you have questions about improving your social media practices? Trademark Productions is available to improve, or expand your social media practices for the future. Contact us today to learn what they can do for you.

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