Mark Zuckerberg announced today that Facebook is adding a video chat feature, which he feels is really “super-awesome.” If there’s anything so Bill-&-Ted’s-Excellent-Adventure-awesome about it, it’s that they’re utilizing Skype, which has already proven itself over the years to be an extremely useful tool.  Rather than compete in the social media circus, Skype has been happily sitting back, improving itself and doing exactly what folks want it to do: make calls via the internet.

It’s interesting to note, too, that the Zuck took a few stabs at Google today during the unveiling.  One can’t wonder if Google will return the favor since between these two titans, one seems intent on taking over the world and the other on selling your private information to the world.  Will they ever just get along?

Naturally, this announcement comes on the heels of Google introducing Google+ along with its own video chat feature.  Could Facebook be starting to show its age with the competition picking up in innovation where it left off?  I smell a From Zuck To Zero article coming in the not-too-distant future.

There is another interesting point worth bringing up.  Some companies have blocked sites like Facebook (including Facebook itself), yet allow Skype since they utilize the service.  They’ve always been good together, but strictly as separate entities, so how will they interact–if at all–now in the business world?

In the meantime, this could be a nice boost to Skype since its 145 million regular users stands to grow.  And, who knows?  Maybe Skype will be what takes Google and Facebook over when the social media bubble bursts!

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