Have you ever pulled a prank that got you into serious trouble when you were younger? Many people have TP’d houses and trees as a kid (including myself). I personally got in a little bit of trouble in high school when I released close to 500 crickets during my senior year. But I just received a little slap on the wrist and that was that. But could you imagine being 16-years-old and causing more than $247,000 worth of damage from a prank you committed? Then, after you commit that act, would you go ahead and tell people about it on Facebook? Not one of the smartest social media practices if you ask me; and maybe that’s why a 16-year-old from the UK is about to be facing some prison time!

Back in August, a young teen flooded the toilets of a public library located in Portsmouth, UK. Apparently, the teen (whose name has not been released because of his age) flooded the men’s room toilets on the third floor of the public library. He used toilet paper to fill the toilet holes and then turned on all the taps. This prank resulted in over $247,000 in repairs and the library had to stay closed for five months. Originally, the teen denied any involvement with the prank, but he was eventually caught in a lie.

The boy initially told police officers that he had nothing to do with the destruction, but then the cops caught wind of a Facebook question that the teen answered. There was a question from one of his Facebook friends asking if the teen was guilty in any way. The teen’s response, “Kind of, yeah. I’ve kept it to myself. A few mates know.”

The teen was near tears when he finally admitted to committing the act of vandalism…only after he was caught through Facebook. In response to the teen’s confession, District Judge Anthony Callaway stated the following: “What you have done was a major crime in which considerable damage was done. It resulted in the library being out of action for the period of time we have heard, and all because of your act of vandalism. I accept that you have now belatedly admitted what you did and were previously a young man of good character. Nonetheless, you should understand that the court is now likely to send you to custody.”

Facebook is becoming more and more useful for people working within law enforcement. The person who was caught obviously was young, but still…if you’re going to pull such a big prank, cover your tracks a little bit. I look forward to the near future to see this teen featured in television’s “World’s Dumbest Criminals.”

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