Unlike “Friday the 13th Part 4,” this isn’t The Final Chapter. Of course, they lied and it wasn’t, but who’s going to lay a cash cow to rest? Speaking of cash cows, one might not consider blogging to be the gateway to millions of dollars in profit, but it can certainly help in the overall grand scheme of things. We went over why you want to blog, why you want to edit your blogs before you post them and then why you want to blog with some amount or regularity, so let’s add a little more to the discussion today.

You’ve read the title of this blog, right? And did you by chance look at the titles of the other blogs? Blog titles are the first thing folks are going to see when visiting your page and they’re going to pick and choose what it is they’ll read based on the interest of the title. You have to find a way to grab a reader’s attention! Titling your blog “Write Blogs,” “Edit Blogs” and “Post Blogs Often” is just downright boring. It sounds like you’re going to be throwing a whole lot of blah…blah…blah… at them. Few people like that. Personally, I loathe it.

So, aside from titles, the battle now begins with your overall presentation. “You should blog. Because it’s good. It might help you earn money.” Okay, bad! Bad blogging person! You may be an authority in your own head, but that is so not how it’s going to look to your readers. They’ll love you, but only because you’ll have become their answer to insomnia! Get a little creative. Be a little crazy. Throw in a “Friday the 13th” reference. Getting a little loose with your word choices isn’t always a bad idea either. Well, as long as you aren’t dealing with something incredibly technical that’ll be read by the current presidential administration. But for your average everyday internet readers? They’ll appreciate the effort.

Excite your readers. Blogging grows hair and brings you untold of riches, so you’ll never have to buy a bad hairpiece like Donald Trump! That’s a complete fabrication, but you’ve just gotten their interest. You get the point. Maybe your company makes Catnip Scented candles. Imagine the fun you could add to a blog using some pictures or those funny little cat videos on YouTube to break up some of what you’re saying. And the cat jokes? They’d never stop, but folks would be paying attention.

Still have a boring topic? Relate it to something going on in the world today that people have heard about it. Where there’s a will and a headline, there’s a way. Don’t be afraid to interject a little of yourself, too. Readers like to know that there’s a real person reaching out to them, not some corporate suit. And remember, no blah…blah…blah…

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