When first learning about marketing, one of the first things marketers are taught is to make sure they have big flashy art throughout whatever they are trying to market/sell. This can be for sales decks, advertisements, websites, etc. Internet marketing has become a huge tool for marketing products nowadays, but traditional theories of marketing may be changing. Why you ask, because of those nice flashy and sexy smartphones, netbooks and web-enabled gaming devices of course.

Recently top marketing professionals met at the Internet Retailer Web Design & Usability Conference to discuss changes in today’s modern marketing field, as well as a critique of other professional websites. One of the big issues experts focused on at the conference was the idea that putting big attractive images on the home page of a site could be troublesome in the future. This may sound completely opposite of what many people were taught in college, because everyone knows big pictures, with lots of color, get people to say “ooo pretty!”

Well, with the emergence of smartphones, netbooks and web-enabled gaming devices this may all be coming to a change. The explanation for this is somewhat puzzling, but at the same time a little understandable. People use their fun flashy devices for everything now, so if someone were to use their smartphone to look up a product on a website, they may be steered away because of big images frustrating people on their devices because they have to scroll down to find product information.

According to experts at the Internet Retailer Web Design & Usability Conference, many people won’t even bother with a retailer’s site if they have to scroll to the bottom of the page to find information they are requesting. Experts recommend people cut down the imaging size on their sites to become more profitable in the future.

Another useful tidbit is the recommendation that retailers should start to try and build mobile-optimized sites which would make it so any web enabled smartphone can access the specific site. A big reason for this is for people who own the iPhone. websites which use flash programming (the Adobe Inc. technology known for it’s use with Internet videos and animation) will not be able to be accessed by an iPhone, because iPhones use iOS, which unfortunately, does not support flash technology. But don’t fret, web organizations today, like Trademark Productions, offer online advertising consulting to help businesses establish the best fit of online advertising for their organization.

Apps can be designed for specific types of phones like Android or the iPhone. This is recommended with caution, because this will obviously be helpful for organizations which have the capital and proper assets, but for the business on the bottom rung of the ladder, this would not be such a good idea.

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