There has been an interesting rivalry developing during the past two years. Over the last month, the battle has heated up so much that even celebrity Stephen Colbert has been throwing gas into the fire. Many organizations use tools by Google—like Google Analytics and Google Adwords—for research means. Trademark Productions uses these researching tools when helping our own clients manage their web design. Unfortunately, these Google tools are now threatened by the Microsoft search engine Bing.

For more than a decade, Google has conquered any/all the competitors of the search engine market. But for the last two years, Bing has decided that they have a little something to say about that. Bing now has a program called adCenter, which is comparable to Google’s Keyword Tool. adCenter gives marketers the ability to coordinate your SEO campaigns, and gives decent insight with improving organic search optimization. With the speedy growth of Bing, people who start to use Bing programs, like adCenter, will be a step ahead of everyone else who is unaware of Bing’s rising popularity.

Bing has also started to work directly with Facebook. Now, when searching in Facebook, users will be shown, by Bing, the amount of friends that “Like” the results that appear when you search on Facebook. Bing is also in the process of integrating the same feature within their own search engine.

Bing’s corporate vice president, Harry Shum, has taken an offensive approach and has started to attack the integrity of Google. Shum believes that Google does not do enough to make sure their search engine rids people of spam and cheap results. Bing wants to be known as the spam battling search engine, which Google claims to be.

Look for an epic battle between Bing and Google in 2011, but Bing must not forget about the other search engines out there. With the increase of Internet and social media marketing, we here at Trademark Productions will make sure you are consulted properly to be aware of situations like Bing and Google mashing it out.

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