Are you getting ready to throw some of your marketing efforts into the pool of social media channels? Numerous people have the same plans that you do, some more familiar with the social media market than others. We here at Trademark Productions have started to notice a trend of organizations making the same common mistakes. Social media has potential to find you new business, give you sales leads and even help you find a job. You just need to make sure you’re taking advantage of everything the Internet marketing world can offer you through social media. Let’s discuss some tips to get the most optimal results possible from your social media efforts, and gain some more familiarity with LinkedIn.

You need to make sure your social media pages are very solid. When someone comes across you page, you have merely seconds to grab their attention. Your pages need to be appealing in some way to your prospective customers. The profile should give people an incentive in some form, so these people feel they are following, or getting connected with your organization for a good reason.

Now let’s spend some time getting more familiar with LinkedIn. LinkedIn is very important and should not be ignored. Did you know the average household income of people on LinkedIn is substantially higher than the people on Facebook and Twitter? So if you just so happen to be in between jobs, people that are on LinkedIn are more than likely the same people that are going to hire you to a new job.

So you need to take some time and really polish up your LinkedIn profile. Make sure you are very detailed with past work experiences, and everything overall is grammatically correct on your page. Another great tip is to join LinkedIn groups that engage in conversations with their members. A lot of the time, when these organizations are hiring, they let members of their groups know about job openings through discussions on their LinkedIn page. This is a great way to network with a company you hope to work for in the future.

Finally, utilize the “Answers” section of LinkedIn. If you check out the “Search” tab on LinkedIn and select “Answers” from the drop-down menu, you will then have the ability to search all the questions LinkedIn members are asking. I searched “social media campaigns” the other day and more than 300 questions appeared in the results. This means that I could potentially help 300 people with a problem they are having. If I was able to solve a problem for one of those questions, the next thing I would do is let them know I could help them in the future through e-mail. From then on, the ball would be in their court for whether or not they would like to pay me for my services.

In the end, you need to make sure you get the most out of your social media campaigns. There is always something new to learn about the various social media platforms. Trademark Productions will always be here to guide you down the right road to success.

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